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This Leash is made from a pine green hand dyed cotton rope. Hardware is optional. This Leash comes with a ring that hangs from the Handle, from which you can hang a treat bag.

Forest Moss

SKU: awsf3
Color: pine green
Hardware color
  • A dirty leash is the result of a great adventure, but most of you would rather keep the memory of this adventure in pictures or simply in your minds than having a dirty leash. To wash my cotton rope leashes, i just put the rope part of the leash in a bowl filled with warm (not hot) water and a little bit of soap. i leave it to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes. After this, i spot clean it the dirty parts with soap, rinse it and hang it to dry.

    If your Leash has a leather twinning and/or leather handle, avoid getting them wet.

  • Ring from which you can hang treat bag

    100% handmade

    high quality german cotton rope

    color durability

    high quality hardware

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